Vectr Firmware Updates

This page contains the latest uploadable software version for Vectr. For archived Vectr software and for source code please visit the Vectr repository on Github

Download the latest file: Vectr 2.03
Or roll back to an earlier version if you need: Vectr 1.16

There is also a hardware fix recommended for most early Vectr units. You can DIY the change with this document: Vectr Hardware Fix If you can’t perform the fix yourself, please let us know and we’ll fix it for you. Anytime. Any Vectr.

Download the USB Bootloader Windows Application: Bootloader Application.
Your computer may warn you about downloading this program. If you find difficulty, it can also be downloaded as part of a package from Microchip here. Dig down a few folders for the application called PIC32UBL.

How to Run the Bootloader

1. Connect a USB cable to the back of Vectr.

2. Hold down the illuminated switch while turning on Vectr. The switch will begin flashing red and green alternately.

3. Open the PIC32UBL program.

4.  Check the Enable box for the USB Communication Setting.

5. Click Connect.

6. Click Load Hex File and find the Vectr file you downloaded above.

7. Click Erase-Program-Verify.

8. Once the program indicates that it is finished, click Disconnect.

9. Default the menu settings by entering menu mode and holding down the encoder switch for 3-4 seconds.

10. Have fun!


  1. Concerning the firmware update, is it possible to do this update with an other file than a .exe file for an update through a Linux system with a .deb or a .tar.gz file?
    Thanks for your answer. Best regards. Thierry

  2. dumb question, is there any way to determine which version I’ve currently got running? I have the kickstarter unit.

    • There is no way to tell without connecting it via USB. If you haven’t updated it since the Kickstarter, I’ve put up a few different versions. They’ve mostly been bug fixes, but I did change the basic overdubbing behavior. I’m presently working on version 2.0, in which I’ll be adding some new features and extending existing features. I’ll make sure to send out an update to the Kickstarter backers.

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