8 Bit Synth: Status Update

I’ve been working like mad on this synth. It might seem like waiting forever, but I promise I’m working as hard as possible to get this thing done. So, what’s the status now you ask?

I’ve got all the i/o expanders configured and working with all the buttons. That means all the control circuitry is working. Now, I’ve got to interface that with a lot of code that I’ve already written that gets the thing making noise. I’ve already got the oscillators running and the filter was working before. I added some circuitry to generate the different filter types and need to test that. The filter circuit and a bit of troubleshooting are what’s between me and this thing cranking some noise. Once it starts making noise, I can work on tuning how it sounds and the way it works.

I’ve got a list of about 25 things so far that I need to fix with the pcb. By the time I troubleshoot the filter, I’ll probably have 50 things to fix with the pcb. I’m going to change i/o expanders from the 8 bit version to the 16 bit version to save some parts and cost. It might also shrink the board a little, which would further save cost. I’ve made a number of errors of omission on the board as well that need to fixed. For some reason, Eagle didn’t show me all the connections and still doesn’t even after I’ve corrected the schematic.

So, I’ve got miles to go before I sleep, but I promise you: one day, I’ll be done and it will be certifiably awesome!

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