1. Hey, looks like alot of fun. Reminds me of my playing with synthesisers back in the 80s. I was also working as a EE for lockheed), single, and building boards. Later I learned that most that most people cant tell the difference between working and looks like it should work (which is much faster to build). Now, I mostly do sculptures (with some lights). My website shows a robot I used in karnival (here in germany).

    Now, I am making a Proton Pack. I am still thinking about what lights & sounds it should have.

    As an idea for your next synthesizer version, I would add a USB interface. I am told it is simple to do software decoding/encoding of it on chip. Increase the ram (if necessary), and allow for uploading of wave tables, or triggers, or what ever.


  2. hello! really like the personalized look and good sounds these synths crank out! on the possible project idea maybe a good drum synth like the DCM8 except using a synth engine and not samples.


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