8 Bit Synth: Audio Sample

A while back, I lamented my struggles with aliasing.  Well, I resolved them and found inner peace with digital signal processing.  Slowly it’s becoming second nature.  I’ve got about 90% of the original functions working.  The only major omission is MIDI at this point.  That shouldn’t be too hard.  To celebrate, I made this lo-fi recording using the audio in jack on my laptop.  Lock up  your dog and check it out. It’s just one key held down so the filter envelope isn’t involved.  The filter, both oscillators with only three waveshapes at this point, and both lfos are running.  I’m changing the pitch with a knob.  It starts out hissy from the input, gets going with a simple sin wave, demonstrates some pitch, moves into other wave shapes and some beating oscillators, then takes off with filter and lfo modulation.

Listen to the 8 Bit Synth sample

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