8 Bit Synth: Decimator in Blue

Blinding Blazing Blue!

Decimation in Blue

There you have it! I told you the I/O Expanders were working.  The machine has started to watch me back. All these LEDs won’t be on at the same time in the final design, but it’s fun to turn them all on to make a flashlight.  I’ll probably turn the brightness back down to 7 before I’m done.  This brightness is with only 8.5mA coursing through their die.  I’m used to the el-cheapo LEDs that can go from 15 to 100mA with no change in brightness.  Once those charge wells are full, that’s all you get.  Anyways, it doesn’t have to be blue.  Maybe there will be an option for customization with different colors.  Blue just looks sweet!

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