New Product Coming in December

I’ve been hard at work developing a product this year and I’m finally getting ready to release it. I’ve got to get some things in order before I can publicly announce it, but I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to share it with the world. It’s really fun to play with, looks very slick, and I’m hoping it will find a home with a lot of musicians. I’ll be launching a new Kickstarter campaign for this product around the beginning of December. I’m wrapping up the prototype now and gearing up to shoot a video. Production values on Kickstarter have dramatically increased since I shot my last video in near darkness on my Iphone 3G. So, I’ve got to make a legitimate video this time around and that’s a whole new challenge. Look for everything to kick off at the beginning of December.

I’m also going to be ending production of Rockit and Sprockit. It’s been fun, but supporting a kit business, as anyone who’s done it will tell you, is a tireless task. I’m glad that many people enjoyed building and playing with my synths, but I want to invest more time in developing new things and less time in packaging kits and supporting the building of them. I learned so much through the process of designing and selling my synths. It has been a fascinating process and I’m very glad to have challenged myself to do it. It laid the groundwork for my newest project which I’m fairly certain will be dramatically more successful.

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