It’s been quiet over here lately, at least on the blog. I’ve been hard at work on a new project. After the synth cube project collapsed under the weight of a truly strange partner, it took me a moment to regroup and determine my path forward. But, I’ve figured out what I’m making and it’s going to be certifiably awesome. I’m not ready to let it out into the world just yet, but I’m hustling toward a prototype.

Suffice it to say, it’s a new synth. It’s going to use a “serious” microcontroller this time around. I figure there are enough people playing with 8 bits to satisfy the world’s needs. I’m also trying to challenge myself, which was the whole point in starting this little venture in the first place. I’m working with FM synthesis, polyphony, and a novel interface. I’m going to try to make it still buildable as a kit, but there will probably be some contract manufacturing because “serious” microcontrollers don’t come in throughhole versions. I’m venturing into some totally new technologies with this design. So new in fact, that you can’t buy the chips just yet. I’m striving to finish the design by the winter and get it up on Kickstarter. More to follow…

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