Sprockit’s Case is Here!

Isn’t it awesome! I’m trying to have production cases ready for next weekend’s Experimental Garage Sale. I hope to see you there!

Wavetable Synthesis Simplified

I developed a presentation as part of my Sprockit workshop. I think it’s a pretty clear presentation of wavetable synthesis and that it clearly shows how aliasing happens and how to avoid it. I’ve often found that it is difficult to find this type of clear and simple explanation of fundamental synthesis concepts that is particularly useful for the DIY Synth community. So, click through for some learning…

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Sprockit #001

Sprockit is here. Just in time for the workshop. I built the first one of the final boards and it worked straight away. I shifted the layout to give lots of room for fingers and knobs. This layout is the cleanest to date from me. I’ve got the kits for the workshop ready to go. I’m working on some science content. Should be fun. Click through for a sample of Sprockit’s first sound.

On another note, the cases for Rockit have shipped from the laser cutter. The should be shipping next week. It’s a whole new Rockit experience when it’s got a case.
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Sprockit’s First Sample

Sprockit is about to wrap up. The final boards will be on order for the workshop early next week. Sprockit features a new 4-pole low pass filter design that you can check out in the soundcloud clip. Sprockit has quite a bit of the Rockit sound with a little something special. I’m thinking about doing Kickstarter again for Sprockit. I’ll probably start that up toward the end of this month, beginning of next.

Introducing Sprockit Mini-Synth

Sprockit Mini-Synth

Rockit’s getting a little brother, Sprockit. My goal with Sprockit it to take a lot of Rockit goodness and compress it down to something smaller and a bit cheaper. I’m achieving both goals by having a very dense design and by reducing some of the features. Sprockit is 4″x4″ versus Rockit’s 5.1″x8.6″, so it’s substantially smaller, like pocket sized (I would’ve called it Pockit Rockit, but there are some products out there already). There are obviously fewer knobs, LEDs, and switches. All of the control parameters are still there though and will be accessible via an external MIDI controller. The microcontroller is downsized from an ATMEGA644 to an ATMEGA328. I’m also incorporating a lot of the things that I’ve learned from doing Rockit and rolling those improvements into Sprockit. This image is my first prototype and I’m well into prototype two, which will be much improved. I’ll be doing a workshop with Dorkbot Chicago at the end of February where people can build Sprockit with me. I’ll probably do another Kickstarter project after that. I’ve learned from Rockit that I’ll need to get the case designed before I release it though. Click through for a complete feature rundown.Continue reading