Sprockit’s Case is Here!

Isn’t it awesome! I’m trying to have production cases ready for next weekend’s Experimental Garage Sale. I hope to see you there!

Experimental Garage Sale 5 on June 9 2012 in Chicago

GetLoFi.com announced the 5th installment of the experimental garage sale. Read about it overĀ there. Featuring lots of cool homemade gizmos, it should be lots of noise and fun. So mark your calendars. I’ll be set up there with my synths.

Rockit Firmware 1.12

Rockit firmware 1.12 is available. The changes are mostly limited to MIDI. I’ve implemented a soft MIDI Thru. Messages not intended for Rockit, meaning on a different channel, are passed through to the MIDI Output. The MIDI channel can now be changed. To change the MIDI channel, hold down the Select button until the display starts flashing. Then, use the Save and Recall buttons to change the MIDI channel. Finally, hold down the select button until the display stops flashing and that’s it. Otherwise, I fixed a bug that caused the audio to stop when the arpeggiator was running and drone mode was entered. That’s about it. Some other transparent changes were made for an improvement in the number of clock cycles required to perform various tasks. Have some fun and let me know if you find any funny business going on. Download the hex file here.

Sprockit Now Available

Sprockit is now available in the HackMe Store. For now, it’s only available without the case, either as a kit or as a built synth. I’m hoping to get the case done soon, but I’m waiting on the graphic design from my better half, who has presently got her hands more than full. I will make the case design, sans graphics, available for those who will be making their own.

Wavetable Synthesis Simplified

I developed a presentation as part of my Sprockit workshop. I think it’s a pretty clear presentation of wavetable synthesis and that it clearly shows how aliasing happens and how to avoid it. I’ve often found that it is difficult to find this type of clear and simple explanation of fundamental synthesis concepts that is particularly useful for the DIY Synth community. So, click through for some learning…

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Rockit Version 1.11

Some of you enterprising Rockit users came across some bugs in the the 1.1 code. I listened and have now fixed them. There was a bug in the pitch bend code that caused some screwy behaviour. I also made some more improvements to the filter envelope behavior. I think I’ve found the perfect filter envelope speeds. At the same time, I found a better value for a couple more resistors. R75 and R76 are going to be 18k from here on. This reduces the maximum filter resonance but it kind of had to come down a little since the level going into the filter from the VCA had been increased. It’s not 100% necessary, but I think it makes a worthwhile improvement. You can download the new code here.

Sprockit #001

Sprockit is here. Just in time for the workshop. I built the first one of the final boards and it worked straight away. I shifted the layout to give lots of room for fingers and knobs. This layout is the cleanest to date from me. I’ve got the kits for the workshop ready to go. I’m working on some science content. Should be fun. Click through for a sample of Sprockit’s first sound.

On another note, the cases for Rockit have shipped from the laser cutter. The should be shipping next week. It’s a whole new Rockit experience when it’s got a case.
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