1. The link goes to: Problem loading page
    http://sourceforge.net does the same!

    Does not work on my PC.
    Is there another program or link?
    What other programs explain how this HEX file works?

    I have the HEX downloaded and it gives me this for the 1st line:
    :100000000C943E500C945B500C945B500C945B50E1 (WinRAR)
    00000000: 50 4B 03 04 14 00 08 00 08 00 C5 A9 69 40 00 00 (FreeFileViewer)

    • Both links work for me. The first should download a .zip file. The second takes you to sourceforge to download the source code. The .hex file is not a file you can open. It’s a file to be used to program the microcontroller. You’ll need an ISP programmer and a program like AVR dude to program it. There are a number of available programmers and programs. Searching for AVR ISP programmer should get you boatloads of good info.

  2. Ok, thanks! Need to save some money 1st, I’ll probably get the Arduino for the programming.

    My network does not work well, I can view some info. from pagewash.com, however, not full access for downloading source code.

    Do you have examples of the source code, and what changes can be made to the code to make new and/or different audio??

    • The changes were mostly improvements to the sound. The changes are summarized in this post The key things are that the filter is improved. The filter has a higher resolution and is more linear. The filter ADSR is much faster which makes for fast percussive filter sounds. I also added an arpeggiator in drone mode and a few other things. That, along with some resistor changes totally upgrades the sound. An Arduino is a good way to go. You get a programmer and a tool at the same time. I’m getting ready with version 1.12, which has some MIDI improvements too.

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  4. What changes can be made or how do you change the Oscillator Code, and what sounds can be generated with the new/diff. code?

    How are the Midi improvements made different from the older set-up ver., did you improve the code/hardware?

  5. Is there any instructions, or a manual with examples on how the oscillator code (File C) can be changed to make new/diff. waves?

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