1. Got any suggestions on knobs or button covers for the pots and tactile switches? I just got my barebones kit in, THANKS!

    • As you may have noticed, knobs can get pricey, as in just as much as the pot you’re covering. You can scout the usual places, Mouser, Digikey, etc. for knobs. They should be .5″ outer diameter and under not to interfere with each other. That leaves a world of options. From there, it’s a matter of how much you want to spend. I think I’ll have an option to include knobs with the cases when the come, so look for that when it happens. As for the tact switches, I don’t think there’s a cover for this type of tact switch. They shouldn’t protrude far through a case though, so in my mind, they won’t look bad.

  2. I got my PCB and case today. They look great!

    Are the 5.1k resistors really just 1% accuracy as linked in the BOM? The photo in step 6 in the assembly instructions looks like they might be 0.1% high precision resistors or something. Or is that a dark photo of 5% resistors?

    Also, do any of the ICs fit if you use a socket? Looks like they do need to be soldered directly, but thought I’d check.



    • They’re just 1% resistors. It might just be the photos.

      The case won’t fit with sockets. They’ll have to be soldered directly.

      Good luck!

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