Kinektron K-DSC-1

I’ve finally settled into my new project and I’m ready to announce it. I was toiling away on a sequencer of my own for a while, a product to which I plan to return, but I’m changing gears to work with other people for a change, building the K-DSC-1 Synth Cube. It’s going to be super awesome and totally unique. I’m working on the electronics hardware and software while the other fellas work on the case design. This will have a proper enclosure made by real mechanical designers, something which I have found difficult to accomplish on my own. The fundamentals of the synth cube are:

  • 8×8/16 step sequencer
  • Accelerometer interface (tilt and shake)
  • General MIDI synth engine
  • Really solid polyphony with drum parts and synth lines together
  • Delay effect
  • USB Bootloader
  • Computer programming interface

That’s a bit of it. It’s ideally going to be the first in a series of interconnectable cubes. We’ve got plans for a whole bunch and they’ll all work together. It’s going to be great for noodling, writing, and really fun for performing. I’m working with some clever guys and I’m really hopeful that it’s gonna be fun to use and a really innovative design.


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