Rockit Case is Finished

The Rockit case is finally finished. I got the third and final prototype of the Rockit case in, put it together, and did the happy dance. I’m going to make some small adjustments for the production order, but nothing that will require another round of prototypes. I’m going to put up the case for pre-sale today. I need to hit a threshold of about 50 orders in order to buy it. The lead time from the laser cutter is three weeks, so these should ship in February. The cost will be $50. Click through for more pictures.

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  1. Looks really nice! But I will have to think long and hard to persuade myself spending the over $100, including postage, VAT and import fees, it will cost to get it to Europe. Any chance of getting it made on something like Ponoko in Europe to make it come down in price?

    • Ah, taxes. I’m a little short on time at the moment to do much more with this case. I can add it to my list but I can’t promise when I can get to it. I imagine it would be cheaper than paying the duties, but I’m not sure Ponoko would be radically cheaper, given prices that I’ve seen for other similar, but smaller designs.

      • Don’t get me wrong Matt, I think the $50 asking price that you have just fine and it’s a great design, but when you compare $100 to the €30-40 a Shruthi-1 enclosure costs to me including everything, well you start to hesitate.

  2. I understand. I’m working out something to ease the pain of European taxes. I may have a distributor in Europe in the next month or two. Hopefully that helps. Of course, Shruthi is smaller than Rockit which helps with the enclosure costs. But don’t you like knobs?

  3. I am interested in purchasing a case, but only insomuch as I am also able to purchase a Rockit! I missed the Kickstarter campaign, and the store on the web site doesn’t appear to have any for sale. Is this still doable?

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