Introducing Sprockit Mini-Synth

Sprockit Mini-Synth

Rockit’s getting a little brother, Sprockit. My goal with Sprockit it to take a lot of Rockit goodness and compress it down to something smaller and a bit cheaper. I’m achieving both goals by having a very dense design and by reducing some of the features. Sprockit is 4″x4″ versus Rockit’s 5.1″x8.6″, so it’s substantially smaller, like pocket sized (I would’ve called it Pockit Rockit, but there are some products out there already). There are obviously fewer knobs, LEDs, and switches. All of the control parameters are still there though and will be accessible via an external MIDI controller. The microcontroller is downsized from an ATMEGA644 to an ATMEGA328. I’m also incorporating a lot of the things that I’ve learned from doing Rockit and rolling those improvements into Sprockit. This image is my first prototype and I’m well into prototype two, which will be much improved. I’ll be doing a workshop with Dorkbot Chicago at the end of February where people can build Sprockit with me. I’ll probably do another Kickstarter project after that. I’ve learned from Rockit that I’ll need to get the case designed before I release it though. Click through for a complete feature rundown.

Sprockit will be fully open source just like Rockit.

Two oscillators – Just like Rockit, except there’s only one knob. I have initially made 32 oscillator settings which chooses both oscillator 1 and 2 and the oscillator mix at the same time. Oscillator 2 still has a detune knob.

4-pole Analog Low Pass Filter – Instead of Rockit’s three-mode filter, I’ve given Sprockit a 4-pole Low Pass only filter. I’m experimenting with automatic gain control, but I’m making no promises and there are some reasons not to have it. Filter envelope control is accessible externally. There is no external audio input like Rockit.

1 LFO with 3 waveshapes and 3 destinations, with more shapes and destinations accessible externally.

ADSR envelope with Attack and Decay control on board and everything else externally accessible

MIDI Input – No MIDI output.

Here’s a shot showing the size difference between Rockit and Sprockit.

Rockit vs. Sprockit


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  1. Pretty slick, Matt. Can’t wait to hear some samples, see how much it differs from the Rockit in sound, but I love the consolidated design! Also will be cool to see the case design go along with it. =)

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