Case Update

It was my intention to have the case ready for sale by now but events have intervened. I managed to get the design done and ordered but there were some snafus at the laser cutter and what was delivered was not what was designed. I’m getting another set made but I couldn’t get it before the holidays, so it’ll be done in January. I did get to see how the two-tone material is going to look and it’s gonna be officially dope. I know it’s been a while but this case is going to be worth the wait.

I’m working on a software update for Rockit to fix a few bugs and to improve some features. I’ve got a feature in mind to add as well, but I’m going to keep it a surprise til it happens.

I’ve got another thing in the works as well and I’ll probably announce it in the next  week.

Cheers and Happy Holidays.

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  1. AWESOME !!! Can’t wait for the case to be ready!!! and a new feature, before i even have my Rockit completed, gonna be a fun time !!! – what kind of dongle would we need to program the chip?

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