All Kickstarter Has Shipped!

I finished shipping all the Kickstarter orders. Altogether, I’ve shipped about 175 Rockits in some form. I’m happy to say that no problem that I encountered along the way was unresolvable. Everyone that has one built has it working. That was a lot of work and it’s kind of weird to be on the other side of such a monumental effort. I’ve been working 60+ hour weeks between my real job and Rockit for as long as I can remember. The real lesson I learned from doing this has been persistence, sheer dogged persistence. There were several times I sat at my workbench (kitchen table) and thought that if I didn’t figure out what was wrong pretty soon, I was going to cancel the Kickstarter project. But I just kept coming back and trying again. I did two board revisions between the beginning of the project and when it was funded and then spent an entire more month tweaking the software. I added the drone/loop feature after the Kickstarter project started! All in all, Rockit took two years of my evenings and weekends to design, and several more years of learning before I had the courage to start it. All in all, there were six Rockit prototypes from breadboard to the present board. I have a hard time estimating the amount of time that I put into it, but it must be a couple thousand hours.

Rockit is now available for sale in the HackMe Store. The case is coming along and should be finished and available in December.

So, what’s next? I’m going to be working on the software a bit to come out with a 1.1 release with some fixes, some changes, and some new features. I’ve received some requests and I’m going to do my best to incorporate those requests. Some people would like some envelope changes, some LFO changes, and I think I could figure out some surprises too. There are different oscillator modes that leave open some clock cycles that could be put to use. That’s all I’ll say on that for now.

I’m also starting work on the next project. It’s not super-secret. I just want to have gotten a little further before I show it and why not have a little surprise. I’m thinking it’ll be ready to show in a few weeks. Now that Kickstarter is over, I’ve got some time on my hands.

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