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Rockit Face

After a bit of feedback, I’m gonna call it. I’m going to pursue the Sammich/Shruthi style of case. It looks decent and won’t be hard for me to manage. I’m working out the CAD files presently and I’ll cost it out pretty soon.


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      • Oh. I see. That’s a great help. I’m gonna work on it today.

        BTW, Rockit is quite a bit bigger than Shruthi. I think Shruthi is 4×4 and Rockit is 5.125×8.6, so it’ll cost a bit more.

        • Material cost < laser time cost so really (usually a factor of 10x actually, with the big 6 case panels I do, material is $13 and the work is $79) I dont see a BIG price difference for increased size. I was planning on doing this anyway for mine so I'll be happy to share those files or consult on your design. The thing about doing a case like this is getting your head around the laser kerf (the material it burns away) so everything fits snug. There are also several different approaches to fastening the board inside the enclosure. Send me an email to altitude909 at gmail and I'll send you my illustrator file for the shruthi so you can see how that goes together

  1. To add:
    you dont have to drill them like Todd does, its a huge pain in the ass, requires a bunch of jigs to do efficiently, and is pretty damn labor intensive. Using a captive nut like the Sammich/Shruthi design is cheap, easy, an it holds together very well. Plus it can all be cut by the laser, no additional labor is involved..

  2. I second second the Sammich style design. I still wonder if finding a local with a laser cutter would further lower the cost.

  3. Better start thinking about how to fill in that big white space in the bottom left you got there Matt. Biggie Smalls and assorted Indian stuff is verboten 😛

    • Yes, enough “recycling” (read: stealing). There’s a logo in the works. I’ve been on my wife about it. It won’t be too artsy because it’s just not my style. I’ve just about wrapped up the first pass at all the sides of the case. Time to let it sit for a day and come back and check the numbers. I love this case style. Props to the originator!

  4. Any more news on the case? I’m trying to resist the urge to start building until the case gets sorted out, mostly so I don’t get the display height set wrong.

    Do you think the synth would work normally without the display for the time being?


    • I’ve designed the case. My lovely wife is doing some artwork for the engraving on the top this very moment. I’m going to order a sample next week. Then, I should be able to make any modifications necessary and place an order. It will probably take two weeks to deliver. So, I’d get going if you’ve got the itch. I’ve had many, many prototypes over the last couple years and never had a case. Everything’s still happy today. The unit functions fine without the display. You just won’t know what patch you’re saving and recalling and you won’t know exactly which waveshape you’re on for the oscillators and the lfo. The display just gives some info. You’ll be able to hear the different oscillators.

  5. You copuld go a few routes: 1) a pt-10 case, user choice: bamboo/plexi colour/ or aluminum engraved, top and back a la xoxbox,
    And, because yoou us ethe same artwork:
    2) sammichsid style. I like the fasteners in the sammichsid better than the shruthi fasteners, which are nut and screw tension. The Sammich is tighter as it uses the more expensive knurled nut (can hand tighten) into spacers that give a very stable fite to the board and case. However the downside is you did not plan enough spacer holes along the board for panel mounts, so it wont be quite as rugged as it could be. That might turn into an issue over time with stress from the centre knobs and board flex. But still I’d go there.

    • The first sample case should arrive this week. I designed it like the Shruthi case but I can still change it. I haven’t seen it in the flesh yet. When I get it, I’ll assemble and put up some pictures. I’m excited about and I hope it looks sweet. I may put another standoff or two in version 1.1 along with a couple of other adjustments. We’ll see.

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