Rockit Progress

The journey continues. I’ve put in some good time with the firmware this week and developed some good stuff. I’ve been tweaking wavetable playback to make some dynamic sounds. I’ve made similar changes to the LFO waveshapes that have made those pretty interesting. I’ve tightened up the filter envelope timing and found a handful of little bugs. This work will continue. More waveshape stuff. Tweaks to the pitch shifting. There have been requests for portamento which is just a subcategory of pitch shifting. I’ll try to squeeze it in.

The PCBs are on order. I’m ordering parts pretty soon.

Here’s a little gem I made to tide you over. I’ve got only oscillator 2 on. The LFO is working the Detune, so it’s swinging the pitch. This is one of the new LFO waveshapes. Then, I’m messing with knobs while its running. The bandpass filter is on and it’s perfect for this sorta thing.

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  1. Missed the kickstarter project and wasn’t able to donate but would DIE for the bare bones PCB and programmed microcontroller (along with BOM, of course) Is there any way this is still a possibility to “pre-order” or something along those lines?

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