Kickstarter Project at 95% – Hardware Finished

The Kickstarter project has continued to climb although progress has slowed just a bit. There was a huge bump in the second week thanks to some press from Peter Kirn over at CDM. I expect that it’ll pass the goal sometime in the next week. So, I’m working furiously to prepare for the big launch. I’ve been logging serious time tying up loose ends and I’m very happy to report that I’ve finished the hardware. There will be no more tinkering, massaging, value changing, or anything of the sort. I did make some changes to the “Final” design, mostly in the name of reducing the noise floor and I think I’ve done it. I changed the final output stage from a transconductance amplifier to a regular old inverting amplifier and the result is awesome. As a result, I’ll probably be shooting the video over again in the next week to showcase the new clean sound and improved sonic capabilities. I’ll be putting up the new schematic shortly and I’m starting the final layout now. As an example of the cleaner sound, I recorded a new sample and a new filter audio in sample. I think both sound pretty sweet. Holla!

Filter Audio In

Tremolo Pad

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