Hackme Rockit: 8 Bit Synth Update

I can see the end.  The hardware is pretty much locked down.  I’ve got to do one final layout revision, but the circuit values and everything are more or less decided.  I made an ugly layout mistake in the last revision that coupled a lot of the serial communication into the audio signal as noise.  Only a new layout will fix that.

On the software side, I’m wrapping up the oscillators trying to get creative to expand the sonic palette. I’ll be able to continue working on the software until the end though.  So, I’m going to be starting the new layout this week and next, ordering the final board and winding this design down.  I’m really excited to get to this point, but often wrapping up all the loose ends can be the most challenging part.  I really want this to be as perfect as I can get it to be.

I’m figuring out how the final product will be made available.  I’m looking at some licensing options because I know what it’s like manufacture something and that’s honestly the least fun part of the process.  It’d be nice to license the design to someone else to build and sell so that I can design the next thing.  I’ll still support the design and make software improvements, maybe even a second version with some capability expansion, but it’d be nice if someone else handled the business end of it.  I’ll do it if I have to and it might be my only option.  I’ll fill you in as I know more.

Cheers and happy designing!

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